Camera systems and Network

The camera system of the twenty-first century does more than just capturing images. By using artificial intelligence, it provides solutions for the sake of increased security and customisation.

Camera systems and Network






The most substantial difference between IP and analogue cameras is not only linked to image quality, but also to the fact that IP provides increased flexibility in all aspects. Most IP cameras are able to record images, transfer live images and manage alarms themselves, and they can even run some small internal applications, as they also contain camera servers.

The list of security and statistical functions is astoundingly long. Among others it includes the followings: • alarm • thermal imaging • face- and number plate recognition • line crossing • queue monitoring • customer counting.


It is not enough to just install the camera systems. Continuous maintenance and supervision is also necessary to ensure their proper operation so that they can provide the level of security that is expected of them. The camera systems are included in the IT system, and the lack of security updates can pose a risk for the whole environment.

Our camera system operation service includes the followings: • ensuring that the system complies with the GDPR provisions • creating the authorisation management system • integrating the access control system • full-scale operation • maintenance and troubleshooting.


More and more camera systems offer more than just the basic functions, they provide live images, recording and alarms, and operate with intelligent and complex tasks that enable us to find solutions for tasks that were only possible in films before.

A camera system can be an essential part of the access control system, behavioural analysis or even production. Together with our application development service we can even develop unique solutions based on big data analysis.


The basis of all well functioning IT systems is a well established and adjusted IT network made of quality components.
This includes all active and passive network devices that provide the connection necessary for the daily work between all devices.

We truly trust our established systems, and that is why we offer 10 years’ guarantee for the system.


It is an important rule within our organisation that the services reflect the needs of our Partners and not our own. The measure of our success is when our Partners can be even more successful with our assistance.

Tamás Király

Tamás Király

network and IP camera service manager

As a network and IP camera engineer, we have designed several systems with my team in the past years. The key lesson was that if we should be brand-independent, as we can only meet the changing needs, if we select the manufacturer to fit the needs of the partner, and not the project to fit the manufacturer.