Application development

A custom application must do what You need. Nothing more, nothing less. Consequently every software created by us is capable of everything that is necessary for completing a given task at the highest standard.

Application development






The success of a project depends 70 percent on this. Planning is a team effort: You concentrate on the process, while we concentrate on the implementation.

Our goal is to create applications that can improve our Partners’ competitiveness, and increase their advantage over their competitors.


We define tangible milestones, on the status of regular reports which we provide. We also provide interim demonstrations in order to ensure that the direction You have approved is maintained.

They will not contain unnecessary functions, non-mandatory fields, constraints or shortcomings.


The delivery of the application is followed not only by a short test, but also a longer support period, as new needs and questions may still emerge during production usage.


We design and build our applications to cooperate with the environment in perfect harmony. We are also IT supporters, so it is no problem for us.


It is an important rule within our organisation that the services reflect the needs of our Partners and not our own. The measure of our success is when our Partners can be even more successful with our assistance.

Imre Markó

Imre Markó

vezető architect

Over the past nearly 30 years, I have engaged in various areas of computer science, including the operation of IT systems, application development, database management, and the design of IT applications. As an architect and system organizer, I find it crucial to listen to and understand the needs of our clients, thereby creating an IT system for them that can provide a complete solution to their problems and can be expanded as needed in the future.