Our primary goal is to ensure that our colleagues are motivated, and to this end, we reward outstanding performance with a competitive salary, fringe benefits and performance-related bonuses. Our colleagues always have the opportunity to realise new ideas as a team – even on management level. This way, we provide our worthy colleagues a chance to progress up the career ladder.

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Selection process

Our current job openings are listed in the career menu. You can send us your application together with the desired employment to the following email address:

When selecting new employees, we consider personal values and skills more important than the acquired qualifications. Our almost 120 colleagues possess all the knowledge they need for uninterrupted work: this information is available for our new hires in our knowledge base even during the initial training period.

“The right man for the right place” – Lyard, 1855

Afterwards, the direct manager will contact our HR associates, who will recommend an appropriate role or sometimes even multiple roles according to the applicant’s qualifications and experience, as well as their personal characteristics and fields of interest. On the next meeting, these roles are offered to the applicant, who can then decide which position to take. This is how we make sure that the applicants get the roles best suited for them.

There is only one way: up!

We cover a wide spectrum of information and office technologies, and our expertise is diverse: this can only be accomplished by creating several divisions. When creating or expanding new divisions, we first rely on internal resources, that is, we assess, whether we already have an employee who is suitable for the given task. But opportunities are always open to our colleagues to retrain for a role that suits their skills, and thereby make their way up the corporate ladder.

This is our way of ensuring that our colleagues are motivated and successful in what they are doing.